Miniature Food Videos

Here we present some videos highlighting some of our miniature foods. Visit our YouTube channel for more videos.


A new video! This one shows our Valentine's miniatures from 2014 in a unique presentation!



"Big tart, little tart". This video will excite tart-lovers! In it we bring together our love for miniatures with our passion for baking...



This slideshow video features the original "Marie Antoinette Collection" from summer 2008.








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Words From Collectors

"You know how I feel about your work!!! It always leaves me speechless. I do not know how you do all this and keep coming up with more & more, I cannot get enough!" AM, USA

"S'il y avait le concours des meilleurs ouvriers de France en ce qui concerne les miniatures, je connais le résultat !" M-C, France

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