Emmaflam & Miniman Handmade Miniatures

Cakes - Gallery 2

In addition to traditional French desserts such as the cream-filled pastry swans, we often look to distant shores - for example the US for donuts and pecan pie and England for scones and clotted cream.

To see larger pictures, just move your mouse over the thumbnails...each enlargement contains a letter in the lower right corner. Please use this when enquiring about commissions, for example:

"Cakes - Gallery 2 - D - Chocolates "

Scones with clotted cream and jam Cream filled pastry swans Chocolates! Blackcurrant sundae and mini chessecakes Valentine's Day Cake - a limited edition created for 2008 Donuts - you know you shouldn't but you take just one more...it can't do any harm, can it?! Neopolitan gateau with pink rose decoration Pecan pie with a glass of milk Heart shaped chocolate cake with floral decoration
Scones! Sundae with Petit Beurre
Cream-Filled Pastry Swans Chocolates!
Blackcurrant Sundae and Mini Cheesecakes Valentines Day Cake
Donuts! Rose Neopolitan Cake
Pecan Pie Floral Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake