Emmaflam & Miniman Handmade Miniatures

Other Miniature Food

Here is a small selection of the wide variety of other food that we make. With the exception of the glass and metallic elements, all other bowls, crates and baskets are made by us too.

To see larger pictures, just move your mouse over the thumbnails...each enlargement contains a letter in the lower right corner. Please use this when enquiring about commissions, for example:

"Other Food - F - Fruit Bowl "

Back from the market!  A selection of market produce in a woven basket Citrus fruit in a wooden crate Salad served in a glass bowl showing that the detail goes all the way down to the bottom! Delicious Breakfast served with a matching hand painted service Salmon steaks with vegetables Bowl of Fruit - the bowl is also made and painted by us Delicious French Snack!  Saucisson, pickles and foie gras stuffed pâté with crusty baguette In flight meals - one economy class and one first class - with tickets to match! Holy Cow!  Milk and cookies with a cow themed plate and glass.  This was part of a set of 5 matching pieces Fruit salad and tins - lots of fine detail in the fruit - which we make OURSELVES...!