Shipping information during Coronavirus outbreak

Updated 3 September 2020

We are currently able to send all orders placed as usual, but there may continue to be longer delivery times than usual if your particular country, state or region has any lockdown measures in place.

If unsure, please check with your local Post Office before ordering.

Registered Airmail (registered, with tracking and insurance)

I can now easily send Registered Airmail again! All orders over 150€ are sent with FREE registered shipping.

Basic Airmail (non registered, no tracking, no insurance)

Basic Airmail can be sent, but as always is at risk of being lost or held up especially if there are any local lockdown measures in. your country, State or region.

Please consider upgrading your orders to Registered Airmail at the checkout. I know it costs a little more (just 5 Euros), but I think it is worth it for the additional peace of mind.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please stay safe. 💕

If you have any questions, please contact me.